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"This is my word, and my word is the law!" -Sivagami

Before progressing any further, please note that this article contains SPOILERS regarding the franchise Baahubali.

Rajmatha Sivagami Devi (pronounced: RAAJ-mah-THA SHIV-gah-MEE DAY-vee), known as Sivagami (SHIV-gah-MEE), is one of the main characters in the Baahubali franchise. She was a subject of Mahishmati who earned position among the royals and is married to Lord Bijjaladeva. She eventually ruled as the acting queen and regent, and is the mother and aunt of Bhallaladeva and Amarendra Baahubali, respectively. Despite her initial poor status she has become experienced in leadership and combat, and a strict follower of traditions. She is known to make tough and bold decisions for the good of the kingdom regardless of her personal morals if she deems it fit, and can hold her ground in a fight. She dies saving Mahendra Baahubali from drowning in a river, allowing him to be raised by the Amburi Tribe.

She is portrayed in the movies by veteran actor Ramya Krishnan.


The Rise of Sivagami[]

Her father was ordered to be executed for treason by Maharaja Somadeva, Bijjaladeva's father. She was raised by her foster father Thimma who was the Mahasenapathi (commander-in-chief). She had the burning goal of avenging her father's death. Her foster father Thimma put her in a orphanage at the age of 17 where she made a new friend named Kamishki. She later on saw Prince Mahadeva, the son of Maharaja Somadeva. She tried many attemps to forget about him but to no avail. She also wants to uncover a secret from her father's manuscript but a coup staged by the tribal warriors the Vaitlikas caused her to get involved with the fighting. Prince Mahadeva confesses his love but she rejects him. She supposedly saved the Maharaja and is elevated to the position of bhoomipathi (nobleman). She starts falling for Prince Mahadeva who was then called Vikramadeva Mahadeva. She killed the royal priest Rhudra Bhatta as he was killing innocent people and she was arrested by Vikramadeva Mahadeva himself. She was held off from trial and even got the respect from Maharaja. Meanwhile, Bhoomipathi Durgappa declares himself the Maharaja of Gaurikanta with Khanipathi Hidumba as Mahapradhana (prime minister). Prince Mahadeva is supposedly murdered and Sivagami marries Prince Bjjaladeva (elder prince of Mahishmati). Sivagami is given a small army by Bjjaladeva and she successfully captures Gaurikanta. However this vassal kingdom of Kandaraimandalam declares independence and Bjjaladeva is captured by the Kandaraimandalam troops. Somadeva attemps to save his son but realizes it's a trap and he himself is captured. Mahishmati is made a vassal of Kandaraimandalam and Bjjaladeva is made king of Mahishmati. He marries Mekhala, the daughter of the Queen Chitraveni of Mahishmati. Sivagami gets a son named Bhalladeva. Vikramadeva Mahadeva marries Akhila, the foster sister of Sivagami. Somadeva and Sivagami are able to trap Mekhala and her father Pattaraya, meanwhile Bjjaladeva barely escapes through a sewer and gets lost in it. Mekhala and Pattaraya are executued and Kandaraimandalam is annexed. Somadeva is murdered and Mahadeva becomes Maharaja. But a volcano eruption causes havoc in Mahishmati and Mahadeva sacrifices himself and Bjjaladeva is saved. Akhila dies giving birth and Baahubali was born. Sivagami decides to raise the two kids and sit on the throne.

She is described as a fiery young woman with extreme intelligence and a trained warrior.[1] She was the daughter of the nobleman Devaraya of the Mahishmati Kingdom who was executed as a traitor by the king.

Baahubali: The Beginning[]

Sivagami raises her birth son Bhallaladeva and her nephew Amarendra Baahubali, whom she takes into her care after the death of his mother, and teaches them academics, philosophy, and warefare. In the TV series Baahubali: The Lost Legends the two brothers explore their surrounding regions and fight to defend their kingdom from the forces of evil

Presumably because of the confrontations in The Lost Legends, The viscous Kalakeya tribe is at war with Mahishmati and are received by a traitor stating the time to lay siege to the kingdom. Chief Inkoshi of the Kalakeya insults her, claiming that he'll impregnate her and birth heirs once he takes the kingdom. This infuriates both her and Amarendra Baahubali who intend to make him pay. Baahubali strategically overcomes the Kalakeya's offense and takes Inkoshi hostage, and despite being ordered to make him suffer, Bhalla slays him on the spot. Sivagami, recognizing Amarendra's kindness in protecting the citizens decides to crown Baahubali the next king of Mahishmati.

Baahubali: The Conclusion[]

Bhallaladeva and Bijjaladeva concoct a plan to frame Baahubali for attempted assassination, and trick Kumara Varma into creating a scene of attack in the king's room. Sivagami is baffled that Amarendra would do such a thing, and believes that he must be executed. He sends Kattappa to get the job done, and since Bhalla was at the scene he discloses the truth behind the attack. Sivagami is heartbroken and grievous, and declares Amarendra's son Mahendra the immediate king.


She rescues Devasena and runs away with Mahendra

Sivagami's own son attempts to arrest her and she escapes with baby Mahendra in her hands. When she gets to a rowboat in Mahishmati's moat, Bhalla shoots an arrow at her leading to her and Mahendra disappearing. She somehow makes it all the way to the remote Amburi village where she kills two soldiers and drowns keeping Mahendra alive long enough for villagers to save him.


She is one of the most powerful and skilled characters in Baahubali series who decides the fate of Mahismathi. She is a strong-headed leader. The first movie of the series portrays her to be judicious in her decisions. The second movie of the series shows her grey side. She has her own imperfections like being egoistic and high temper. She dislikes her son's choice of love in Devasena at first. Due to her high temper, she puts not only herself in danger but also Amarendra Bahubali, Devasena & the people of Mahishmati as well.

Abilities and Skills[]


When Kattappa narrates the story of Amarendra Baahubali, she is seen with a dagger. Marthanda attempts to take over the throne of Mahishmati. It turns out Sivagami bribed his men and Marthanda lunges, but Sivagami blocks the sword with her dagger and kills him.



Amarendra Baahubali (Nephew/Adoptive Son)

Amarendra Baahubali and Sivagami had a reasonable relationship. Amarendra's mother died while giving birth to him, so Sivagami brought him up, along with his cousin/adoptive brother, Bhallaladeva. Unfortunately, after Baahubali brings Devasena as a captive to Mahishmati, she wanted Bhallaladeva to marry Devasena. Devasena decided she wanted to marry Baahubali instead of Bhallaladeva and then Devasena lashed out at Sivagami. Sivagami was highly offended by the tone she was talking with. She told Dandanakaya to "tie this boorish girl and make her kneel," Baahubali stepped in when Dandanakaya to tie Devasena. He said if anyone laid a hand on Devasena, that would be equal to touching Baahubali's sword. Baahubali then said that promising Bhallaladeva blindly without knowing what Devasena really wanted was a wrong thing to do. Bijalladeva completely loses it.

Sivagami gave Baahubali two choices: He could choose the throne, or he could choose Devasena. He chooses the latter. Sivagami is angry at that decision.

Bhallaladeva wanted to kill Amarendra Baahubali, so he came up with a ploy to manipulate Sivagami and had him killed. Sivagami was informed by Kattappa of Bhallaladeva's trickery, and she ordered Kattappa to summon the council to hang Bhallaladeva to death in public.

Bhallaladeva (Biological Son)

Bhallaladeva is Sivagami's biological son. She raised both Bhallaladeva and Baahubali. They had an adequate relationship, but after he manipulated Sivagami, they were no longer in a good relationship.


When Sivagami reached out to Kunthala Kingdom, asking if Devasena would be Bhallaladeva's wife. She mistook it to be Baahubali, and she sent a hurtful reply. Sivagami got mad and declared war, but Bijjaladeva stepped in saying that Baahubali could destroy Kunthala. Sivagami orders Baahubali to bring Devasena as a captive to Mahishmati. Devasena apologizes, but then when she announces that Devasena was going to marry Bhallaladeva, she gets angry and blurts. Their relationship is grim for almost the rest of the movie until Amarendra Baahubali dies.

Bijjaladeva (Husband)

Bijjaladeva has an extremely bitter relationship with Sivagami. Although they were married, Bijjaladeva felt like he wanted to kill her because instead of nursing Bhallaladeva when he was a newborn, she nursed Baahubali, and she shared Bhalla's glory, jewellery, etc. with him. And when she is giving the throne to Baahubali in lieu of Bhallaladeva, he is itching to strangle her. He publicly opens up about his desire to kill Sivagami when he summons the guards to kill Sivagami and Mahendra Baahuabli (as a baby).

Other Relationships[]


Despite being a slave warrior, Sivagami showed no hard feelings toward Kattappa and never treated him badly or abused him. They have had a close friendship and loyalty up until Sivagami started to treat Baahubali with indifference. When Bhallaladeva attempts to kill them Kattappa holds off his men and allows Sivagami escape before he's captured and forced to serve Mahishmati.


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