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Martanda is an antagonist seen in The Beginning. He is a traitor in the kingdom allied with some ministers and intended to take the throne when Amarendra was born. Kattappa and his men foil his resistance and Martanda is killed by Sivagami after a failed attempt to slay her.

History and Role[]

The Beginning[]

Shortly after Amarendra Baahubali was born, Martanda is seen assembling many rival ministers and soldiers in the throne room. He calls out Sivagami for being a weak ruler, for caring for her children and being a woman. Sivagami becomes infuriated and summons Kattappa, who drops from a balcony armed. She orders Kattappa to swiftly kill Martanda's supporters, and much to his shock the soldiers who were with him change sides and kill the remaining loyals. A livid Martanda makes a last ditch effort to kill Sivagami, who brandishes her knife and slashes him across the throat even while carrying a baby Bhallaladeva in her arms.


  • Martanda's cou is used to introduce Kattappa's role into the movies during the flashbacks to show how skilled a warrior he is.