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Mahishmati is the center focus kingdom in the Baahubali franchise. It is the home of Rajmatha Sivagami, Bhallaladeva, Bijjaladeva, Amarendra Baahubali, Kattappa, and many other residents. It is a kingdom of great power and architecture surrounded by many natural biomes and other people, ruling over them. Mahishmati was ruled by king Somadeva, then by Bhallaladeva, and now by Mahendra Baahubali and Avanthika.


Mahishmati was originally ruled by a tribal group called Vaithailis. They had given shelter to Uthama Varma, who stole the secret Gaurikanth, a special stone derived from the volcano Amma Gauri that, if mixed with metal weapons, makes the wielder of the weapon invincible. Uthama Varma started growing a small army and bribing men to join him. Eventually, Uthama Varma chases the Vaithailis into the forest using Gaurikanth and established Mahishmati kingdom. He was helped mainly by Ugranappa, who was the commander in chief of the Vaitlikas. Ugranappa was tricked into becoming a slave. Mahishmati will be later on be captured by the Kandaraimandalam Kingdom which then made Mahishmati a vassal state. Maharaja Somadeva defeated and granted independence once again to Mahishmati. He also defeated the Vaithlikas several times including when the Vaithlikas staged a coup. Mahishmati prosperd during Maharaja Somadeva's rule and Maharani Hemativi. Eventually Mahishmatin again enterd a crisis but eventually it ended. The throne eventually was given to Somadeva son, Mahadeva (Vikramadeva). Eventually Sivagami took the throne and then Bhalladeva. Bhalladeva was deafeated and killed by Mahdedra Baahubali alongside his army who then crowned Mahendra as King.

Rulers of Mahishmati[]

  1. Uthama Mahadeva (Founder)
  2. SomadevaHemavati
  3. Vikramadeva — Akhila (Daughter of Thimma)
  4. Sivagami
  5. Amarendra Baahubali
  6. Bhallala Deva
  7. Mahendra BaahubaliAvanthika

Traditions and Culture[]

  • A ritual is conducted by Mahishmati's guardian at the Sacred Lake, presumably to Lord Shiva.
  • Mahishmati hosts combat tournaments, which is utilized by other kingdoms around the world. One of these is the Tournament of Champions, which invites heirs from all over the world to fight for glory and strengthen alliances.
  • Before battle a buffalo must be sacrificed. This tradition is defied by Baahubali
  • The female member of the royal family must perform a ritual by circling the temple complex while carrying a pot of fire, to ensure the kingdom's goodwill.

Known enemies of the kingdom:[]

Traitors within the kingdom[]

  1. Bhallaladeva (deceased), Bijjaladeva, and Bhardra(deceased)
  2. Pradhan Guru (expelled, status unknown)
  3. Ravi (deceased)
  4. Pattaraya (Chitraveni's Husband)
  5. Mekala (Chitraveni and Pattaraya's Daughter)
  6. Brihannala (Gaurdian of Mahishmathi harem)

Outside enemies[]

Kalakeya Tribe[]

  1. Inkoshi (deceased)
  2. Inkoshi's unnamed brother (deceased)


  1. Varaah (deceased)
  2. Rebelling ministers (unknown, presumed crippled)

Barbarian Clan[]

  1. Barbaric Hulk


  1. Paramans


  1. Kalpana Devi


  1. Prayagis (formally, now annexed and allies)


  1. Mother Tiger(formally, presumably false)
  2. Gammala Khan and Chagthai Khan
  3. Dharmaraj
  4. Chitraveni
  5. Ally (Army head of Vaitalikas tribe and lover of Kattappa)
  6. Achi Nagamma (Leader of Vaitalika tribe)


  • Their symbol is a horse and Sun.
  • Amarendra Baahubali is only royal person who was banished from the palace.
  • Mahishmati as seen is a fictionalized version of the kingdom from Hindu legend and myth.
  • Mahishmati's king is also the emperor, and rules the surrounding lands including authorization over overseeing Kuntala and the Kalakeyas.