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Before progressing any further, please note that this article contains SPOILERS regarding the franchise Baahubali.

Karikala Kattappa Nadaar (pronounced: KA-ree-KUH-la KUT-up-AH nuh-DAAR), known as Kattappa (pronounced: KUT-up-AH), is a main character in the Baahubali franchise. He is a member of a lineage of warriors who serve the royals of Mahishmati with a status equivalent to a slave, but he is the commander and general of Mahishmati's army. He is a skilled and strong combatant and mentor to the princes and heirs of the kingdom.


Early 20s (The Rise Of Sivagami)[]

According to the book, Kattappa is described as a 21-year-old slave who is dedicated to serving the royal family of Mahishmati and was chosen to be a loyal slave of Prince Bijjaladeva, elder prince of Mahishmati.

Mentor of Amarendra (Flashbacks from Baahubali 1 and 2)[]

Kattappa helped train Amarendra Baahubali and was close to him as Amarendra grew up.

When Sakithan betrayed Mahishmati and sold its war secrets to the Kalakeyas, Kattappa helped Amarendra and Bhallaladeva catch Sakithan. During the Mahishmati-Kalakeya Battle, Kattappa led the center v-shape formation against the Kalakeyas.

After Amarendra was declared king, Kattappa went with him on a tour of the kingdom of Mahishmati, where Amarendra met Devasena. Amarendra acted as a simpleton, with Kattappa as his uncle, to become closer to Devasena. Kattappa and Amarendra journeyed to Kunthala. While in Kunthala, Kattappa misinterprets a marriage proposal sent to Devasena by Sivagami to be for Amarendra when, in fact, it is for Bhallaladeva. Kattappa and Amarendra help Kunthala defeat the Pindaris, but he has to accompany Amarendra and Devasena back to Mahishmati after Devasena's rude reply to Bhallaladeva's marriage proposal.

Kattappa was powerless to prevent Bhallaladeva's ascension to the throne, as well as Bhallaladeva's attempts to lower Amarendra's rank. At Amarendra and Devasena's baby shower, they make Kattappa the godfather of their baby (Mahendra).

After Bhallaladeva and Bijjaladeva manipulated Sivagami into thinking Amarendra had Kumara Varma try to kill Bhallaladeva, Sivagami makes Kattappa kill Amarendra. He reluctantly feigns being in danger, and stabs Amarendra in the back as Amarendra fights the Kalakeyas (led by Inkoshi's brother).

After killing Amarendra, Kattappa confronts Sivagami, who finally realizes how she has been manipulated by Bhallaladeva and Bijjaladeva. Kattappa helps Sivagami escape with Amarendra.

For the next 25 years, Kattappa resents Bhallaladeva, but remains his loyal slave.

Present Day[]

Kattappa maintained a reputation as a great warrior and swordsman. One time, the weapons trader Sheikh Aslam Khan challenged Kattappa to a swordfight after Kattappa declined to buy his weapons. Kattappa ultimately won, but Sheikh Aslam Khan promised to become his lifelong friend after learning about his honor and loyalty.

When the Kunthala Rebel Tribe was trying to rescue Devasena, Avanthika asked Jaya Varma if the warrior Kattappa could help them free her. Jaya Varma remembered Kattappa from the Battle of the Pindaris, but knew he wouldn't betray the throne of Mahishmati.


During the Battle of the Valley, Kattappa initially fights Mahendra, believing him to be a bandit who kidnapped Devasena and is trying to kill Bhadra, but recognizes him as Amarendra's son after seeing his face. Afterword, Kattappa recounts the story of his father to Mahendra. Kattappa joins Mahendra in the Battle of Mahishmati and rallies the people of Mahishmati. During the battle, he protects Devasena as she does the Trial by Fire. After Mahendra kills Bhallaladeva and becomes king of Mahishmati, Kattappa stays as the Commander of the Armed Forces of Mahishmati.