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The Kalakeyas (pronounced: KAAL-uh-KAY-uhs) are a tribe of savages consisting of mostly male warriors. They are known to attack kingdoms, steal their wealth and leave destruction in their path. The Kalakeyas speak a language called Kiliki, and were led by chief Inkoshi.

History and Role[]

In Baahubali: The Lost Legends, they were sought out as an uneasy alliance choice for Mahishmati, which backfires as Inkoshi takes Amarendra and Bhallaladeva hostage in exchange for weaponry. They escape, scaring Inkoshi's face. They have since sought Mahishmati's downfall and are known enemies of Agrata as well.

In Baahubali: The Beginning, Inkoshi declares war on Mahishmati after Sakithan stole Mahishmati's war secrets and sold it to the Kalakeyas. His defenses are breached and he's captured and killed by Bhallaladeva.

In Baahubali: The Conclusion, Inkoshi's brother takes control of the tribe after Inkoshi's death. However, when he attacks Amarendra and Kattappa, he is killed by Amarendra.


  • The Kalakeyas have a known reputation for being unstoppable and fierce, however this is questionable for a few reasons. They are naturally savage and although great in numbers, don't appear to use strategic combat as opposed to blitz rush enemy defenses. This is despite the fact that Inkoshi used Sakithan to learn Mahishmati's secrets. The Kalakeyas have also been overthrown easily by Agrata in the past, and Baahubali was swiftly able to cripple most of their troops.
  • The Kalakeyas are named after demonic beings from Hindu legend. Since the franchise doesn't hint supernatural forces or magic outside of superstition, the Kalakeyas in it are most likely human.
  • The Kalakeyas speak a fictional language called Kiliki. Kattappa and Sakithan are fluent speakers of Kiliki as well.
  • After Inkoshi died, his unnamed brother took over leadership. However there is no mention of his brother in the Lost Legends and he was seen defeating the enemy chief alone with his mother and the old Kalakeya chief dead. It may be possible that his brother was elsewhere or may be a brother in arms.
  • Inkoshi became leader of the tribe when he was around eight, and slaughtered an enemy chief who attacked his camp.
  • The Kalakeyas look different in the Lost Legends than in the movies, as they are wearing skeletal and animal masks. It's unknown if this is a continuity difference or if they simply chose not to wear them to war.