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Inkoshi was the ruling chief of the Kalakeya tribe.

He appears in The Lost Legends and The Beginning as a reoccurring antagonist and enemy of Mahishmati.

History and Role[]

The Lost Legends[]

Blood for Blood[]

Young Inkoshi.png

According to the graphic novel and episode, Inkoshi became chief of the tribe when he was just a little boy, the previous ruler(presumably his father given how he was grieving) was killed. A rival tribe donning bear skin and attire attacks the village and Inkoshi flees with his mother. When he grieves the death of the old chief, he is offered the Kalakeya trident and proceeds to kill his enemies.

Years later in the present, Sivagami proposes an alliance between the Kalakeyas and Mahishmati after the failed truce with Rudragni. He sends Kattappa, Baahubali, and Bhallaladeva to the Kalakeya settlement. At the time, Kattappa doesn't know Inkoshi by name but is familar with his reputation. They are greated rather roughly and Inkoshi decides to accept alliance so long as Kattappa gives him weapons made of Mahishmati steel. Kattappa refuses and only offers food and medicine, so Inkoshi takes the princes hostage and sends him off. Inkoshi proceeds to entertain himself by forcing the princes to fight each other.

Baahubali and Bhalladeva escape his captivity, but Baahubali goes back to retrieve Kattappa's stolen sword. He fights Inkoshi and scars his face using fire and burning down his house. The princes escape with Kattappa who comes to rescue them, and Inkoshi vows revenge. This may be one of the causes for the war in the first movie.

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The Beginning[]

Inkoshi is seen in the flashback in the first movie, leading the Kalakeya troops to sieze Mahishmati. He uses Sakithan to spy on the kingdom and is seen speaking to the Mahishmati royals about the terms of the war. He insults Sivagami, claiming that when takes over Mahishmati he will rape her and have a son to become the next heir. Baahubali becomes furious at this and when he confronts Inkoshi, swiftly disarms and overwhelms him. Inkoshi is dragged closer to the kingdom gates and Bhalladeva kills him with his mace.