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Gopi12 Gopi12 27 July 2017

Can anybody please merge these infoboxes.. 

these are the two Infoboxes that needs to be merged , can anybody merge them please??

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Gopi12 Gopi12 7 June 2017

I just bought a kindle version of The Rise Of Sivagami

As the title said , i wanted to support the Franchise and went ahead of buying the book and it was even cheaper @ only 49/- 

This means , if i have time, then more pages will be added with my knowledge of my basic wiki editing skills

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Gopi12 Gopi12 6 June 2017

Do we need a Facebook page for bahubali wiki???

As the title said, do we need it for some extra fan support???

It would even make meetups easier i think

What do you admins say???

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Gopi12 Gopi12 4 June 2017

Too many characters in bahubali

As the title said , there are somany characters in this franchise

I just read the character intros for each in the first book and was just blown away by the work

more work will be put into bringing each character to life in the wiki

The book itself has enough story to create a new movie i think Hats off to the author for creating the book and thanks to Rajamouli for creating the movies

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Just Another Fandom User Just Another Fandom User 25 May 2017

This week's update

Hey there, 

By any chance, please contribute to this wikia. Also, I made polls which is on the main page. Please go and vote for the polls. 

- Just Another Fandom User

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Gopi12 Gopi12 21 May 2017


Does anybody have BAHUBALI THE LOST LEGENDS animated series downloaded 

if so , can you please reply , i will try to add some details into this wiki about the series


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Gopi12 Gopi12 22 January 2017

A start(well....a kind of)


I created this wiki to know some basics of wiki creation and to show the powerr of indian cinema to the world

this wiki is still an unborn child , so if you can contribute something , it may be useful

thank you

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