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Bhadrudu, alias Bhadra, is a villainous character seen in The Beginning. He is the adoptive son of Bhallaladeva and ends up becoming as corrupt and cruel as his father. He is beheaded by his cousin Mahendra outside of the kingdom.

History and role[]

At an unknown point during the events between Amarendra Baahubali's death and the Kuntalian rebel wars, Bhallaladeva adopts Bhadra to be his heir, and his son ends up becoming as cruel and heartless as he is. He too shares his father's sick passion in torturing Devasena.

The Beginning[]

When Mahendra first arrives in Mahishmati and inadvertently restores the image of his father, Bhadra becomes defensive and angry and the people. That night when Mahendra escapes interrogation in guise of a soldier, Bhadra and Kattappa go after him when Mahendra releases Devasena.

Bhadra is killed by a furious Mahendra via beheading.


Bhadra has proven to be no different in terms of personality than his father, with carelessness and disregard for the well being of Mahishmati's citizens and willingness to hurt them and the captive Devasena. He takes extreme pride in his father and wishes to be like him, and complements and idolizes him frequently complementing his feats such as defeating the guar bull in his combat arena. He will also defend Bhalla's honor at all times. He however has proven to be a coward in battle when he's quickly subdued by Mahendra Baahubali.


  • Bhadra is left handed.