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Baahubali: The Lost Legends is an animated television series that first aired in April 2017 on Amazon Prime Video. The series chronologically takes place between the novel Battle of the Bold and before the war against the Kalakeya tribe depicted in the first movie.

The series focuses on Amarendra Baahubali and Bhallaladeva as young adults and their lives before the movies as they defend Mahishmati from the forces of darkness. The series also includes other movie characters such as Kattappa, Sivagami, and Bijalladeva in addition to many new characters.

Seasons and Series Events[]

Season 1[]

Sivagami prepares and trains Baahubali and Bhallaladeva to become worthy heirs of the kingdom, and places them under training of the new teacher Pradhan Guru. The royals of Mahishmati are working to combat the Barbarian clan that has repeatedly attacked Mahishmati villages and caravans, and attempt to forge alliances to hold their ground against them. Kattappa comes to believe that there is a traitor within the kingdom, realizing that Pradhan is a conspirator and ally of the Barbarians confronts him but is put into a coma by him. Baahubal is hinted of potential treachery and must subdue the traitor before he destroys the kingdom.

Season 2[]

Baahubali works to find a cure for Kattappa as Pradhan continues to find ways to make a fool of Baahubali and take the kingdom, assisted by Bhalla and Bijjaladeva. Baahubali makes new friends and enemies on his quest to defend Mahishmati and learn more about Pradhan.

Season 3[]

An alleged heir to Mahishmati named Dharmaraj attempts to make claim to the throne of Mahishmati, and Baahubali and Bhalla are sent to prove his origins before he does anything rash.

Season 4[]

The imperialistic queen of Agrata, Kalpana Devi wants nothing more than to watch Mahishmati burn to ashes and it will unless the royals can put a stop to her.

Season 5[]

Baahubali, Bhallaladeva, and Kattappa venture to Japan to return the Sword of Hachiman to it's rightful owner, but they get caught up in conflict between two warlords Torra and Ukami for the kingdom of Nippon.


Main Characters[]

Amarendra Baahubali-[]

The compassionate and noble son of king Vikramadeva. His parents died around the time of his birth so he was taken in by Sivagami and loved by the people in his young adulthood for his kindness and positivity, making his brother Bhallaladeva and Lord Bijjaladeva jealous.


Sivagami's birth son, whom unlike Baahubali is greedily obsessed with power and control. He does a good job at hiding this trait and secretly hates his adoptive brother, plotting to kill him and take over the kingdom multiple times. His physical strength is unrivaled and he wields a mace in battle.


The queen of Mahishmati who was formally a subject before winning position into the royal family. She is close friends with Kattappa and has arranged marriage with Lord Bijjaladeva. She's heavily underestimated in her authority and because she's a woman, has been plotted against. Although not the strongest, she is authoritative and can stand her ground in a fight. She's not typically a warrior but carries a dagger in case.


The deranged prince of Mahishmati, older brother of Vikramadeva and Sivagami's husbad. He is a cranky older man with a deformed hand and a mentality of arrogance and hate. For this reason he was never granted king status even during Sivagami's time, and he will do anything for his son Bhallaladeva and whatever it takes to dishonor Baahubali.


The latest in a long line of decent of Mahishmati's royal servant warriors. He was Bijjaladeva's right hand and serves the royal family, a kind uncle figure to Amarendra and Bhalla. He is a dedicated, skilled, and powerful warrior who has survived fights and wounds that normal warriors would normally fall to. He wields a sword made of Mahishmati steel and is the commander and general of Mahismati's army.

Other Characters[]


A close friend of Bhalla who was against Baahubali's popularity, and a member of the heirs of Mahishmati. He was drowned by Bhallaladeva as an object to take his anger out on for his jealousy towards his brother.


Princess and eventual queen of Rudragni. She is compassionate and kind similar to Baahubali and accidentally poisons her father which she intended for her brother Vaarah. She remains close to Baahubali and eventually overthrows her brother.


A minister who had been killed during the Prayagi riot.

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