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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (English: The One with Strong Arms: The Conclusion) is a 2017 Indian epic action drama historical fiction film co-written and directed by S. S. Rajamouli. 

The movie takes place directly after the first movie and focuses on how Kattappa ended up being forced to kill Amarendra Baahubali.

It was originally made in both Telugu and Tamil and dubbed into Hindi, Malayalam, German, French, Japanese.


Kattappa continues to tell the tale about how Baahubali was denied the throne and how he met princess Devasena of Kuntala. Mahendra must take a stand against his tyrannical uncle Bhallaladeva.


Continuing directly after the first movie, Kattappa continues to tell Mahendra about how he was positioned to kill his father.

The Mahishmati royals perform a ritual to ensure a future of goodwill for the kingdom, involving a female of the royal family carrying a pot of fire and staff around the temple complex while circling it three times. Sivagami is the only one qualified for this and performs it, and the ritual must be done without stopping once started for perfection. During the process, an angered elephant begins to riot and causes civilian injury. Kattappa clears the civilians and Amarendra Baahubali subdues and calms the elephant with a jugganuth chariot. Baahubali is celebrated by the people as he is to be coronated king. A disgruntled Bijjaladeva watches from the balcony above and proposes to his son that they should consider killing Sivagami, out of spite for not making Bhallaladeva king. The minsters are frightened at the words and Kattappa interrupts overhearing. He tells Bijjaladeva about the upcoming coronation and warns his own master to know his place before leaving.

Baahubali and Kattappa are tasked to explore the borders and regions around the kingdom to understand the people's cultures and how to lead them. Baahubali and Kattappa head to a village near the kingdom of Kuntala which is under attack by bandits. The bandits are repelled by warrior princess Devasena and her brother in law prince Kumara Varma while Baahubali and Kattappa fight them in the forests. Baahubali instantly falls for Devasena and asks Kattappa's help to get to know her. Baahubali poses as a simpleton and they seek Devasena's aid for shelter and education in being a warrior, and she accepts. They journey back to Kuntala where Kumara tries to teach Baahubali how to use the weapons, and he is surprised when Baahubali applies his strength without showing it. Kumara boasts being a powerful warrior when he is actually a nervous coward. Bhalla in the meantime discovers his attempts to woo Devasena and hopes to snatch his happiness, and asks Sivagami to propose marriage to Devasena. Sivagami gives him a promise and sends a caravan to deliver riches and a proposal. Devasena however rejects it angrily, being offended by not knowing Bhalla and him not having shown up himself. Kattappa discovers this news as well but since Bhalla isn't mentioned by name, he and Devasena believe the proposal was on Baahubali's behalf.

That night, Kuntala is invaded by the Pindari tribe: a group of bandits that plunder kingdoms before killing their residents. Baahubali fights alongside Devasena, revealing his true self and encourages Kumara to stand his ground. He also strategically fends the Pindaris off with bulls and releases the Kuntala dam to wipe their army out. He earns thanks from Devasena and her brother, the king Jaya Varma but Baahubali recieves a message by bird that Sivagami has sent an abduction order for Devasena in response to the rejected proposal. He is harshly turned against Devasena but they reconcile and ask Devasena to sort out the situation in Mahishmati. When they arrive in Mahishmati's court Devasena apoligizes but then they realize the mix up with who the proposal was sent by. Baahubali also calls Sivagami out for promising Bhalla marriage without Devasena's consent, creating distance between Sivagami from both Devasena and Baahubali. Since Baahubali chooses to marry Devasena, Sivagami decides to crown Bhalla king not wanting Devasena on the throne. Bhalla is coronated but the people still prefer Baahubali for his kindness and disapprove of him.

Bhalla slowly tries to undermine Baahubali's popularity after his wedding, by resigning him of his status as army general at Devasena's baby shower. Instead giving the title to his friend Sethupati. Devasena is further angered at this and expresses the people's wish to see him on the throne, further making Sivagami hate her. Sethupati also tries to harass Devasena at the Mahishmati gates, and in response gets his fingers severed by her with his own dagger. Devasena is judged but Baahubali comes to her defense and kills Sethupati in the court, violating the common rules about drawing weapons in the middle of former conferences. During the trial Devasena has insulted Mahishmati's traditions in a fit of anger for arresting a pregnant woman. Sivagami accuses Devasena and Baahubali of treason and exiles them from the kingdom. Baahubali, Devasena, and Kumara Varma take residence in an outlying village and help them in their work and lifestyles, gaining more popularity. One day, Kumara heads back to Mahishmati and overhears Bhalla plotting to kill Baahubali and exact his power over the people. Bijjaladeva is apparently against this so he helps Kumara into the chambers to kill Bhalla before he does anything, but it's revealed to be a trap set up by Bijjaladeva to frame Baahubali for attempted assassination. Sivagami is baffled at the scene in the chambers and believes that Baahubali must be viewed as a threat to Mahishmati and killed at once, and she and Bhalla order Kattappa to do it. Kattappa is against it but is forced to when Sivagami threatens to do it herself, not knowing why and with little other choice Kattappa sets a trap in the forest. He looks like he's going to be burned at a stake by Mahishmati soldiers, and an informed Baahubali comes to save him.

They are interrupted by the regrouped Kalakeya Tribe, led by Inkoshi's brother. Baahubali and Kattappa fight and kill the chief and cripple the tribe, and Kattappa stabs Baahubali when his back is turned. Kattappa explains that it was a royal order and Baahubali understands, asking him to watch over Sivagami. Kattappa lends him a sword and Baahubali dies chanting in Mahishmati's name. Bhalla arrives and furiously bashes Baahubali's corpse, revealing his true intentions in the process. Kattappa immediatly informs Sivagami of this as Devasena arrives to the kingdom with her newborn son. Sivagami presents the baby to the subjects and declares him the new king, naming him Mahendra Baahubali. Bhalla and Bijjaladeva order the guards to turn against Sivagami and kill her. Kattappa helps her escape but he and Devasena are captured. Sivagami makes her way to a boat in the canal but is shot by Bhalla and presumably dies along with Mahendra.

In the present day 25 years later, Kattappa explains to Mahendra that Sivagami somehow made it alive and died saving him. Afterwhich Bhalla ruled the kingdom, enslaved the subjects, and ravaged many other lands including destroying Kuntala and torturing Devasena on a daily basis in a show of strength and passion. Mahendra immediately becomes enraged and rallies the Rebel Tribe and people of outlying villages to make a stand to Bhalla. He and the Rebels march on Mahishmati and bypass the kingdom gates, and Mahendra fights his uncle while Devasena performs the ritual in the temple complex. Mahendra is overhwelmed but uses the chains on Devasena's cage to wound Bhalla, eventually pinning him onto the pyre with Kattappa's sword before he's burned alive.

The next day, Mahendra is crowned king of Mahishmati and declares that the kingdom will be fair and just one with the compassionate folk living their lives in happiness. Avantika becomes queen and Devasena as the new Rajmatha.

In the credits, it's revealed that a child is listening to the legend of Baahubali as a story and asks their father if they'll hear about Mahendra's child becoming the next king. The narrator states that that's another story.



Telugu track list
No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. "Saahore Baahubali" K. Shivashakthi Datta, Dr. K. Ramakrishna Daler Mehndi, M. M. Keeravani, Mounima 3:29
2. "Hamsa Naava" Chaithanya Prasad Sony, Deepu 3:27
3. "Kannaa Nidurinchara" M. M. Keeravani T. Sreenidhi, V. Srisoumya 4:56
4. "Dandaalayyaa" M. M. Keeravani Kaala Bhairava 3:31
5. "Oka Praanam" M. M. Keeravani Kaala Bhairava 2:56
Total length: 18:19

All lyrics written by Madhan Karky.

Tamil Track list
No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Bale Bale Bale" Daler Mehndi, M. M. Keeravani, Mounima 3:29
2. "Orey Oar Ooril" Mohana, Deepu 3:27
3. "Kanna Nee Thoongadaa" Nayana Nair 4:56
4. "Vandhaai Ayya" Kaala Bhairava 3:31
5. "Oru Yaagam" Kaala Bhairava 2:56
Total length: 18:19


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